Mobile applications

To Run Effective Meetings, Create To-Do directly from your notes, manage your activity and collaborate with your Team

Collaborate and Manage your activity

Discover how our iPhone and iPad To-Do and Note Taking application will save you time every day

Fast Note taking to handle your Notes

  • instantly add new Notes
  • predefined Web and iPad To-Do templates
  • User based autocomplete inside your Note
  • Focus on the meeting, not on the notes

Your To-Do from your Meeting Notes

Handle your iPad To-Do directly from your notes:

  • Tasks & Decisions
  • Sketches
  • Maps
  • Web

Create 1mn Meeting minutes from your Notes

Synced with your Web, iPhone and iPad To-Do manager for automated updates

  • Automatic paging
  • Professional Look
  • Synced with your To-Do database for automated updates

Manage your Web & iPad projects from your To-Do

With no extra efforts, link your Web and iPad To-Do lists and your notes to:

  • Goals
  • Projects
  • People
  • Customers

Self & Team management A powerful reporting tool

With our Web and iPad application, management is made smarter:

  • Daily reporting to keep focused
  • Easily share outcomes with others
  • Learn where you should pay attention with weekly reports
  • Visually grasp the global picture with our timeline analysis

Manage your tasks your own way

Beesy lets you view your iPad To-Do the way you want:

  • Analyse your activity based on several angles: GTD, type of tasks, Importance/Urgency…
  • Understand what you’re doing good and where you can optimize
  • Benchmark yourself

Access from anywhere

Available on iPhone, iPad, iWatch and Web, Beesy works seamlessly across all major devices
to keep your actions in sync.

A Real Business Web, Iphone and iPad To-Do solution for Really Busy People

Beesy is specifically designed for business people that handle team or projects on a regular basis.
It was designed as a time saving tool for various business situation:

  • save time in meetings with easier note taking and decision logging
  • save time right after the meeting with instant and professional meeting minutes
  • save time in the follow-up process with automated To-Do from your notes.

If you have experienced days full of meetings with customers, project follow-up or people review, Beesy is made for you.

Beesy can help anyone with a large number of meetings every week track their To-Do and follow-up on them.
It was designed to suite the needs of:

  • Managers of team that need to assign task to a large number of people and be able to efficiently lead their team
  • Project managers that handle a large number of project and need to be able to efficiently switch from one to the other
  • Sales people that handle a large number of customer and need to be able to efficiently serve them in the best possible way
  • Any other job position where meetings play an important part in your To-Do list, as Beesy will save you a lot of time by automatically generating your Todo list and follow-up on it.


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Who are Beesy users?

  • % of CEOs/Owners 12% 12%
  • % of Executives 20% 20%
  • % of Managers 15% 15%
  • % of Operation and R&D managers 15% 15%
  • % of Sales Managemers 10% 10%
  • % of Project Managers 10% 10%
  • % of IT Managers 7% 7%