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An operational view of your strategic objectives

Goal management

Monitor all your operational meetings – Optimize communication with your teams – Track your activity history

Manage your business, even while on the move

Access information about your activity even while on the move and without an Internet connection

All your information in real time to make the right decisions

Manage your action plans in a collaborative way with Beesy so that you can have your teams and objectives real-time progress available at all times. This allows you to know everything about what is going on and also to have key information for making your decisions.

Work in collaborative mode with your team
Beesy for Executive Managers

Motivate your team with clear communication and objectives

Leadership requires clear objectives, meticulous organization and monitoring decisions.

Define and share your objectives with your teams to build a common understanding. Explain who is in charge and the expected timing. Every change affecting your projects and objectives will then be known and tracked by your whole team.

A single tool, a simplified communication with your teams, and clear objectives known and tracked by everyone.

Efficient meetings: easily track your decisions and follow-up on their achievement

There is nothing worse than spending entire days attending meetings and having the feeling that very little resulted.

Manage your executive committees by typing your decisions and actions into Beesy; you can then track them all. Share your notes with your executive committee in only one click in order to ease communication.

Recurring meetings? Avoid going back into the genesis of the previous topics, but instead take back the action plans that were previously decided. In Beesy, create recurring meetings, you will then get a kind of “digital book” of which you can turn the different pages corresponding to your different meetings.

You will not lose time analyzing past facts and results, but you will directly get to the point.

Beesy for Executive Managers
Beesy for Executive Managers

Manage your activity with ease

You spend considerable energy in managing your action plans. You spend your time filing about a hundred emails a day with documents and important information about your company’s activity. Accessing information about your business requires an additional email or another meeting stuck in an already busy agenda.

You don’t have this time, but you still need a global vision to determine the progress of your business and anticipate risks.

Use Beesy’s Artificial Intelligence to get a global view of the progress of your action plans or those of your collaborators or your projects in no time at all. Simply ask Beesy Chatbot what you want, in natural language. It’s quick and easy, you talk to him from your everyday tools: email, Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams

In addition, you and your Executive Committee can even set the priority and urgency of each action, topic or project. Define priorities for action and arbitrate between planned work (daily) and urgency (crisis) according to objective criteria.

You can use the filter or alert functionality on very detailed data, so you will never miss anything and have a synthetic view by subject of tasks completed, tasks in progress and overdue tasks! In just a few clicks, you will know the status of your activity by objective, and will be able to identify risks very quickly.

Do you dream of getting personalized reports of your activity? Ask the Chatbot Beesy to send you the reporting of what you want, it will send you by email a detailed analysis to better manage your teams and your projects at any time. All your synchronized information is accessible wherever you are, at the office or on the road.

personalized reporting

Discover Beesy for saving time and boosting your executive teamwork