How to conduct client meetings?

May 18, 2021
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As a sales rep, client meetings are your everyday life. During those, you need to make sure you can reach your goals as well as apply your commercial strategy. However, sometimes, you can lack of time to organize yourself and may not be able to handle your meeting well. You can then waste several minutes during your meeting looking for information from your previous visits. Similarly, you may forget to address a specific topic, or you may not anticipate some unexpected events. Then, you can waste time during your day and it can become difficult to manage all your activity.


How to conduct client meetings?

The key to a successful client meeting: preparation


You are probably conducting several client meetings per week, or even per day. It is then vital that you take digitized notes. Those allow you to gather all your ideas in a simple and clear way. Afterward, from these notes, you can define a precise action plan. In your notes, you should especially find decisions that were taken during your meeting, actions to complete but also important information that were mentioned. This way, by using a note-taking solution, you will save a lot of time. You will be able to directly take your notes on your platform and assign future actions to your interlocutors as well as synchronize all your information in real time but also ensure follow-up with your partners. From your notes, you will obtain meeting minutes that you will be able to share with everyone in a matter of seconds. Then, you will be able to obtain an action plan that you will easily be able to track.

To gain efficiency during your meetings, you can use a meeting template. Those allow you to define an agenda as well as the subjects that systematically need to be addressed during your client meetings. By using templates, you can ensure to always apply your commercial strategy by writing your goals, expected results as well as key points needed to be addressed during your appointment. Then, you will be able to automate the preparation of each meeting, standardize your commercial strategy as well as gain efficiency every day.
Therefore, you identify all possible issues and realize an exhaustive qualification of your client’s expectations to then create a meeting template reusable and declinable from the typical proceedings of your meeting. Then, you can update your templates at any time.

A collaborative solution allowing you to manage the recurrence of your meetings is also a considerable asset to prepare those. Indeed, during your next meetings, you will be able to get back all the topics that have previously been mentioned. You directly take back the history of your previous meetings.

Finally, a well-prepared meeting needs to gather all the essential elements for its success. Make sure to really define your agenda as well as the expected outcomes and have access to all the elements and documentation necessary to your visit.

During the meeting: ensure a smooth process

Fundamental point of a meeting’s success: respect of timing. You probably have other visits and appointments planned during your day, as well as your commercial partner. Thus, you need to make sure you don’t lose too much time on each point to be sure you can approach all the essential topics.
Furthermore, do not focus too much on previous action and rather concentrate on the future, on your next goals and results. Think strategy rather than past results.

Then, start your meeting by letting your customers express themselves. Give a voice to everyone to mention problems encountered since your last visit, results that were obtained as well as actions that were completed, etc. Moreover, don’t forget to plan a less formal moment for exchanges and anecdotes.  That will allow you to build a better relationship with your client.

Furthermore, taking digitized notes while using a collaborative solution will allow you to have an optimal meeting:

  • Thanks to recurrent meetings, you can, during each visit, do a follow-up of what has been accomplished between 2 meetings. Apply a meeting template when those address similar topics.
    With an established agenda, you will know more rapidly what the new subjects you need to address are.
  • During your meeting, take notes that can include private comments that only you will see as well as public comments you can share with your clients. Those notes will be the base of your future action plan.
  • At the end of your meeting, your digitized notes will be transformed in a report that you can easily share with all you interlocutors.
  • If you have KPI to fill out for your commercial partner, prepare them in advance during your meeting. Right after your appointment, you will find those KPI directly in your meeting minutes and you won’t need to fill out tons of Excel sheets anymore. You can directly forward your meeting minutes including your KPI to your managers.

After the meeting: manage the follow-up between 2 meetings

After your meeting, to plan your follow-up, rapidly forward your meeting report from your notes that include your action plan.
Furthermore, use a notetaking solution paired with a project management collaborative solution to get automated reporting. Using reporting, you can, in 1 click and in real time, see the progress of your action plan or your interlocutor’s. Furthermore, your activity report will help you see today’s actions, your overdue tasks, or your urgent calls to make. In addition, by using reporting tools, you can not only give visibility on your activity to your managers, but you can also better follow your action plans between 2 meetings with your clients.
Ideally, you can use a solution synchronized to your CRM to better supply it. Information is then directly updated and integrated to your activity and database.

By using this method to conduct your client meetings, you can improve the management of your activity. Furthermore, using a notetaking solution paired with a collaborative solution can ensure you to optimize the circulation of information between your managers and interlocutors. You will benefit from sharing information in real-time and action plans follow-up and will become more responsive in your decision-taking. Communication and information access will be simplified. Finally, you will be able to manage all your meetings and action plans while ensuring the roll-out of your commercial strategy.

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