Pro: your Weekly Planner App

With its Project Dashboard, works as a Weekly Planner App

Project Management needs a constant follow-up on Tasks and Actions in order to be achieved. A Project Dashboard that lets you have an overview over what is left to be done in your Projects is fundamental to avoid missing Tasks and to track Project Members activity.

This is why the main view of is a Project Dashboard that works as a Weekly Planner App.
Track your Actions and your Collaborators Actions through the oncoming week or a given period of Time. Set a past date and get back to what you’ve already achieve.

Access to your Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard is the homepage of your As a Weekly Planner App, the first view of is an overview of your Projects Activity through time.
You can also access to the Dashboard from any part of through the Dashboard Tab, your Weekly Planner App

On the Dashboard, the Actions done and waiting to be completed for the oncoming Week are displayed in an Eisenhower Matrix depending on the priority set for each Actions.
By default, the Project Dashboard works as Weekly Planner App. However, you can select the Period you want so you can see the details of the Projects requiring Actions during this Period.
Then, you can add a Note, a Project or a Person by clicking on the buttons on the top right of the Dashboard.

Weekly Planner App

Track your Collaborators Activity

From your Project Dashboard you can track your Collaborators Activity for the Projects and Notes you share with them.
To do so, you just have to click on the Trigram Icon on the top right of the Matrix to select the Collaborator Actions you want to be displayed in the Matrix.

Weekly Planner App

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