Full report from our customers – discover what you think makes a great productivity app

In december, we conducted a user survey to help drive the roadmap for the coming months.
Many of our users took the time to fill it in and we wanted to share the full results with you, as the results are very interesting.
If you did not have a chance to fill the survey, you can still spend less than 5 minutes to do it, it will help us get more accurate results in the long run.


80% of our users in 9 countries

Compared to our last article on this survey, the US growth is stronger there and we’ve gained more footprint there than in France.
Aside from that, it somehow reflects the AppStore economics for the western countries:
– US
– UK
– Germany
– France
– Australia
– SwitzerlandIn the coming months, we’ll be consolidating our efforts on those market, particularly in the UK and Germany where Beesy is starting to get some attention.

Beesy seems adapted to many different activity sectors

Looking at our respondents’ profiles, Beesy is used in a wide variety of activity sector. 80% of our users cover 15 different activity sectors and a wide variety of ways to do business.

The 4 main activity sectors:
– Government administration / relations.
– Education management
– Computer & Network security
– Business Supplies and Equipment

But you can hardly say that they are way ahead of other sectors.
since there are as many business usage as there are activity sector and job title, we have decided to publish customer interviews of our users, that we will be featuring on our website.

Beesy - iPad & organization at work

Country of respondents

Beesy - iPad & organization at work

Activity sector


Organization at work: a key issue in larger organization

Beesy seems like a great tool in larger company, with 60% of our users belonging to companies with more than 200 people.
At the same time, more than 10% of our users are working in single-person companies.In the first case, larger companies usually generates lot of meetings and reporting, where the benefits from using Beesy are the most noticeable.
More than 50% of those users save more than 30 minutes a day and 30% of them are saving more than 60 minutes a day.
In the latter case, single-person companies requires that nothing is forgotten and that you keep track of everything in every context.
Although time saving is great as well for those users, it is more important for them to be able to remember and track things at the right moment.

Beesy - iPad & organization at work

Company size

5 key roles in the organization seems to benefit the more from Beesy

Accounting for 80% of our respondents, Beesy seems particularly suited for 5 key roles in the organization:
– Services and Project, where the ability to follow-up upon actions is essential
– Executives, with the ability to track decisions outcome and manage people.
– IT and Marketing, both type of role where you have to manage project and decisions to deliver on time
– Sales, who meet customers everyday and should be the one in the organization who have the larger number of meetings.

Beesy - iPad & organization at work

Type of job

More than 50% of our users use Retina display device

Given the iPad sales at Apple, which reached 100 millions unit worldwide in October and 23 millions more for Christmas, it is no surprise that our user base is shifting towards those new devices.
Only 4% of our respondents are still using an iPad 1, a device that is now 3 years old.
Beesy 1.50 will still be iOS 4.3 compatible when it is out but the next version of Beesy will require at least iOS 5.1 to work. This still provide compatibility for those older devices but many of you are still using iOS 4.3 on those devices.

Beesy - iPad & organization at work

Type of device

More than 60% of our users buy less than 5 productivity apps on their iPad

Although some of us are “Productivity junkies” and probably bought all the available apps out there ( we did here at BeesApps), it is interesting to note that more than 60% of our users have bought less than 5 apps so far.
This percentage goes as high as 80% of users for less than 10 apps. If you remove the iWork solution that most of us buy, it means that actually, almost 80% of people did buy less than 7 productivity apps on their iPad.
It clearly shows the importance of finding the right app easily and getting to find the one that will suit your needs.
We’ve done a lot of work at BeesApps to make sure it was possible to find us on the web but it is much more difficult to do this job in the Appstore: most of our ranking comes from the number of downloads, favoring people who are there since a long time or with a wider audience but which might not be relevant for your particular problem.Even more interesting, 25% of our users only use Beesy on a regular basis and no other productivity tool.
And 85% of our users actually use less than 3 productivity apps on a regular basis.
That’s quite an interesting finding as it clearly shows:
– either that the number of “productivity problems” to solve for tablet users is not as high as you’d suspect
– either the number of Apps that actually solve “productivity problems” is not that high.It is completely in line with our findings on the TOP 10 productivity apps on the AppStore where the key problem to solve seems:
– taking notes
– manage tasks
– annotate documents

Beesy - iPad & organization at work

Number of productivity apps purchased, outside Beesy

Beesy - iPad & organization at work

Number of productivity apps regularly used, outside Beesy

Getting to the desktop

As we started to have a look at your devices, it was interesting to see that 90% are using their own personal iPad at work, making the BYOD phenomenon a reality, not just a buzz word.
But contrary to our initial feelings, 70% are using a PC as a desktop computer and not a Mac, probably due to the corporate market using standardized and cheaper PC brand instead of design iMac and MacBook.
When looking at your requirements for the next step for Beesy, it was somehow surprising to see a “small” number of request for an iPhone app (50% important or more) compared to the request for a desktop app. More than 75% of you are requesting such an application, as well as the ability to integrate emails within our task management (more than 80%). Both are somehow connected and they will be our main concern for Beesy 2.0.Off course, given the very nature of the information you’re adding within Beesy, a back-up service is high in your wish list: more the 80% of you require some back-up service within the App. This will be the first topic we address for early 2013.

Beesy - iPad & organization at work

Expected new features

This survey is not over, you can still participate and help us get a finer grasp on your requirements for Beesy.

We will share with you more detail when our survey is over.

Thank you for your help,
Kind regards,
the BeesApps team

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