Use Case

Organize your day

Every morning, we arrive at work knowing we have a million things to do.

To be as efficient as possible, it’s important to organize your day. Sort your inbox, manage your agenda and your to-do list or prepare your meetings.

This Beesy use case gives tips and tricks to organize your day and declutter your to-do list.

Beesy, the collaborative solution which helps you organize your day in 4 steps

I don’t forget anything anymore and I get an overview of my activity in 1 click


I manage my inbox

I arrive in the morning and I log in. I find out several dozens of email waiting for my in my inbox. To sort them quickly and efficiently,  I use the 0 inbox strategy: I unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters, I use filters or automatically classify non-important email and I can reply to messages that take less than 2 minutes.

I transfer in Beesy messages that need a more detailed answer or info that I need to search (email taking more than 2 minutes to reply to).

I now have several options:

  • I can transfer my email from my computer or my smartphone using my intelligent task manager which will create a task with a deadline and a level of urgency in a given project in Beesy
  • I can also create an action in Beesy directly from my email using my Outlook plugin


This way, I can save time on my day: I don’t get lost in my email anymore because I can find them whenever I need in Beesy. Once my inbox is empty, I can get back on it at the end of the day.

Click here to get more information on how to manage your email.

In 30 min, I updated my inbox and managed all my easy-to-process email.

All my important email are organised and I can easily find them later on Beesy.

I take a look at my calendar to define my priorities of the day

Once my inbox is organized, I can look at my calendar.

I check the meetings I planned and meetings I must prepare. Beesy helps me stay up-to-date on each point.

  • I have an executive committee or steering committee : Beesy prepares my meeting by creating a note from my previous meetings and agendas
  • I have a follow-up meeting: Beesy extracts action plans from previous meeting notes including all the actions completed, overdue, or that should be discussed during the meeting with my co-workers
  • Ahead of a meeting, Beesy prepares a note with all the agendas, allowing me to ask updates to my co-workers regarding their overdue actions so that they can prepare before the meetings

I manage my activity as well as my team’s using my dashboards

To get a better overview of my activity as well as my team’s, I create “My day” and “My team” dashboards in Beesy. I can completely customize those according to my needs using widgets. With my “My day” dashboard, I can for example get an overview of:

  • My calls to make
  • My deadlines
  • Meetings I have to schedule
  • The number of actions I have to complete
  • Risks or important decisions regarding my projects
  • My overdue action

I get an overview of my progress and potential alerts on my activity.

With my “My team” dashboard, I can oversee the progress of my  team on our different projects and potential risks which could occur. I can:

  • At ta glance, I can see if my team is behing on the project
  • Follow my important projects
  • Visualize alerts regarding my team (stuck co-workers, risks…)
  • See everyone’s status on their actions

With these dashboards, in a second, I can quickly and graphically get an overview of my activity and my team’s.

I now have managed my day and my team. I now know what I have to do and can get started on my to-do list.

Now that I have everything in mind, I can get started on my to-do list

Once my emails are sorted, my agenda prepared and my dashboards consulted, I can get started on my to-do list. In it, I can visualize all my actions:

I have many red actions: I'm way behind on my work. I prioritize my most important actions and I sort the ones that can still wait for a while.

I postpone my important actions that are not urgent

I delegate urgent but not important actions to my co-workers

I make sure I have mainly green actions in my to-do list: my tasks are important but I'm not in a rush to deal with them


Thanks to the Eisenhower matrix, I can see and classify my actions be level of importance and urgency. In 1 click, I can sort my tasks by degree of priority.

Once my to-do list is organized, I can get started on today’s mission!

Want to find out all of Beesy’s power to better organize your day?


Prevent risks/alerts related to my activity


Your inbox up-to-date within 30 minutes

Decrease of stress

Meeting preparation and follow-ups in 1 click